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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to pay for Altizure?

No. Without any payment being required, you can try out any number of free projects, which are great places to begin using the essential features of Altizure. When you’re ready to do more, you can upgrade to Pro project for downloadable results and more powerful features.

Q: Should I upgrade to Pro project?

Pro project gives you unlimited uploads, more than enough for our professional users to reconstruct huge area in great details. Pro unlocks the raw results for you to download and import into most 3D softwares, and it gives you access to powerful features including mesh editing and GIS tools.

Q: How can I pay?

We currently accept Paypal payments and the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Q: How do Alticoins work?

One Alticoin pays for one GP of data, where GP is the sum of pixels across all the input images, in giga-pixels.

Q: How much is a Pro project?

It depends on the data size of the project. The size is measured as the sum of resolution of all images. The more images you have, the better the reconstruction result will be, and the project will cost more.

Q: What is the size limit of free projects?

The free project size limit is 3 GP at the start, but you can increase the limit by publishing high quality results. When one of your public project is featured by Altizure, you will get extra free quota equal to the size of the project. Also, by subscribing our membership plan can increase your free quota.

Q: What is Altizure Planet?

Altizure Planets is a cloud collaboration platform that can power your work process with our world-leading 3D reconstruction technology. Strengthen your 3D model with the hybrid reality environment.Communicate effortlessly with colleagues and clients to share ideas, markup the model with feedback and prepare presentations all in one centralized platform wherever you are.

Q: What is asset storage?

The asset storage is used for storing your uploading files, in most cases, it hosts your third-party models.

Q: How to use discount coupon?

One Alticoin coupon can only use on one project, with no change; One project can use multiple Alticoin coupon at the same time; Alticoin coupon cannot be exchanged for cash, for sale, for transfer, or for other purposes; Alticoin coupon is only acceptable on Altizure Platform within expiry date.

Q: Should I buy Alticoin, or membership?

We recommend you to buy our membership directly, as it will give you discount coupon monthly. And, you can enjoy more features on our Planets. If you are running out of coupon limit or you have large amounts of data to be processed, you may need to consider buying extra Alticoins to upgrade your project.